From Lozano Schindhelm we are pleased to announce the recent  incorporation of Mourad Benadda as a new colleague. 

Mourad Benadda studied International Business at Anglia Ruskin University and at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. He then completed a master's degree in auditing and accounting at the University of Valencia. 

He specializes in advising domestic and foreign companies in accounting and reporting and has experience in the accounting for companies as well as in the preparation and filing of tax returns, annual accounts, tax registers and financial statements. In addition to accounting, Mourad Benadda attends to companies and freelancers in the area of ​​corporate law, as well as in the foundation of companies and all other corporate law activities.

 Lozano Schindhelm warmly welcomes Mourad Benadda as a new colleague and wishes him all the best in his personal and professional life.

You can reach Mourad Benadda under the telephone number +34 963 28 77 93 or by e-mail .