Loeber & Lozano is now called L&L Schindhelm

In 2015 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our law firm. In this time, Loeber & Lozano SLP has succeeded in making a name for itself as a competent consultant in legal and tax matters in Spain. On behalf of the entire team we would like to take the opportunity to express a big thank you to all our clients and collaboration partners for your confidence.

But instead of looking back at what we have accomplished, we would like to seize the momentum and take the next step forward with our firm –and with you as our clients, collaboration partners and friends.

For this purpose, we have decided to affiliate us to the Schindhelm alliance of European corporate law firms, reason why we will appear on an international scale in the future as “L&L Schindhelm”. Our new network consists of twenty offices from twelve countries with over 200 lawyers. In this connection, we have given our logo and corporate image a new design. We hope that it appeals to you.

Despite the above, nothing will change for our current clients: we will continue to be the same and to stay always at your disposal as your contact persons. Our fees also continue to apply without any change.

In fact, we are convinced that the new, international and German-speaking alliance will only bring advantages to you, be it in the form of an increased know-how transfer, a widening of our core competences or a stronger local presence in Germany and Austria.

In this spirit, we are looking forward to the next successful decade together with you.