Register of tourist acommodation guests

The Organic Law 4/2015 of March 30th for the Protection of Public Safety, requires holders of tourist facilities establishments such as a tourist home to inform about General Directorate of the Police of the travellers they are hosting, for due to public safety.

The owner is obliged to previously register the tourist establishment in the Guest System of the competent police station depending on the due to location of the property, and is also obligated to obtain the access codes for the telematic shipment.

At the entrance and exit of the tourist establishment the Police must provide in particular the following personal information about guests: Names and Surnames date of birth, address and personal identification number.

Taking into account current increase of number of reservation tourist rentals, the Police have also begun to control the holders of tourist homes in conjunction with their registration and obligation of information as well as to impose the appropriate sanctions in case of non-compliance.

Therefore, we recommend the holders of tourist establishments who are not registered yet to apply to the register yet done so to implant as soon as possible a traveller registration system and proceed to register the tourist establishment in the Police, in order to be included in the System and to be able to comply with the notification obligation. The penalties for the lack of communication amount to a minimum of 100 euros and can be even higher.