Debt collection

Does a customer owe you a bill? Have you obtained a favourable judgement and the debtor hasn’t satisfied it? Have you got an enforcement title in which a debt is recognised in your favour? Has your debtor become insolvent?

Our team of English speaking experts with broad professional experience in cross-border issues will guide you through the process. We take care of everything in order to collect your debt: we manage the extrajudicial claim, we carry out an asset investigation of the debtor to find out his solvency and the recovery chances and, if necessary, we choose the most appropriate and fast procedural remedy to obtain payment of your credit.

From any of our five offices in Spain (Bilbao, Denia, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia) we deal with debt claims throughout the Spanish territory, any of the 12 countries where we are present through the Schindhelm Alliance, and even in any other jurisdiction.

*The previous prices do not contain VAT and further expenses. In those cases in which the particular complexity of the declaration, the lack of information, a peremptory term or any other justifiable circumstance arises, we reserve us the right to adjust our fees to the specific situation.

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Debt collection