Income tax

Are you a tax resident in Spain? Do you receive any work related income (such as salary or pension), interests or other benefits that must be declared in the Income tax return?

Spanish residents also have to pay taxes in Spain, on all their income, regardless where it has been obtained. Whether it concerns interest of an account in Switzerland, the rental of a property in Germany or the dividends received from an Austrian account. The Income tax is declared yearly and the submission deadline ends on the 30th of June of the following year which the declared information refers to.

In Lozano Schindhelm we verify if you have the obligation to present the income tax and, if necessary, we calculate and present the corresponding form. We provide this service in your language, with high quality standards supported by more than 10 years of experience in tax consultancy of Spanish and international clients whether they are residents or non residents.

*The previous prices do not contain VAT and further expenses. In those cases in which the particular complexity of the declaration, the lack of information, a peremptory term or any other justifiable circumstance arises, we reserve us the right to adjust our fees to the specific situation.