Public Law

As regards the two classical core areas of Public Law, i.e. constitutional law and administrative law, you not only can rely on us to be able to draw on wide and longstanding experience from thousands of cases but also on our expertise to be up-to-date at any time. It is not the short-term success in the instance which is the focus of our advice and representation in and out of court but the speedy and comprehensive solution of the problem.

We are used to think in an interdisciplinary way, which means to consider not only all the legal aspects of a case but also its economic, technical, and medical impacts and consequences.

With offices in Spain in Bilbao, Denia, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia, we supervise public infrastructural projects from the beginning, review the principals for building planning, the environmental legal framework conditions, and the possibilities for shaping implementation while adhering to the duty to call for tenders. We are also on hand for you with advice concerning the development of contracts of urban building, ecological clean up and development agreements in accordance with the national law, other contracts governed by public law and their physical implementation.

In matters of service law you will not only profit from our extraordinary experience and specialist knowledge in issues of civil service law, but also from us dealing with these issues in conjunction with labour-law related issues in public service. Our counselling on service law matters is comprehensive.

In court proceedings, you will profit from our experience of representation before administrative courts of all instances up to the Federal Administrative Court, and in constitutional court proceedings before the Federal Constitutional Court.

In 14 countries to date (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, FranceGermany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey) we accompany private clients as well as national and international companies. The alliance's locations are: Bilbao, Bologna, Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest, Bucharest, Denia, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Gliwice, Graz, Hanover, Istanbul, Linz, MadridOsnabruck, Palma de Majorca, Paris, Pilsen, Prague, SalzburgShanghai, Sofia, Taicang, Valencia, Vienna, Warsaw, Wels, Wroclaw.

Key areas of our competences in constitutional law and administrative law are:

  • Civil service law
  • Law on state aid
  • Railway act
  • European law
  • Protection of fundamental rights
  • Academy law
  • Public building law
  • Contracts governed by public law
  • Social insurance law
  • State liability law
  • Environmental law
  • Economic management law