Financial accounting and annual statements

The financial accounting of a company is a particularly critical point. On the one hand, keeping a proper accounting is indispensable for a well-functioning enterprise; on the other hand, its correct preparation is unavoidable in the light of imminent public sanctions. Our specialists have long years of experience in the financial accounting of large-scale companies. But also small and medium-sized companies may take advantage of entrusting this often laborious and complex task to professionals of confidence.

The accounting and taxation of permanent establishments and work centres of foreign companies in Spain entails specific issues that only experts in the field can address with due guarantees.

Our bookkeeping experts gladly assume your current accounting and prepare the annual financial statements of your company. They work hand-in-hand with our tax consultants, who carry out the punctual submission of the respective tax returns.

Moreover, our specialists will provide helpful support to your enterprise in the field of (international) reporting, by drafting accounting and financial reports in close coordination with your company, tailored to your specific wishes and composed in your language.

Our experts in the fields of financial accounting and reporting work closely together with our experts in tax, corporate and business criminal law. Thereby we ensure a comprehensive and interdisciplinary consultation for your particular case.

A selection of our services:

  • Bookkeeping in accordance with Spanish accounting regulations.
  • Periodic accounting reporting.
  • Accounting and financial reports for costs, budgeting and treasury analysis.
  • Collaboration with the external auditors.
  • Adaptation of Spanish financial statements to the accounting regulations of foreign countries.
  • Administrative management of the company: processing and filing of invoices, monitoring of receipts and payments.
  • Management of the electronic notification box of the Spanish tax administration.
  • Filing of tax returns (Value Added Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Trade Tax, Income Tax, Excise Taxes, etc.).
  • Preparation and filing of goods trade declarations (Intrastat).
  • Preparation and filing of annual informative declarations on foreign transactions required by the Bank of Spain.
  • Making-up and legalisation of compulsory record books.
  • Preparation and deposit of annual financial statements.
  • Making-up of certificates of formulation and approval of financial statements and its legalisation by the official registries.