LOZANO Schindhelm COVID-19-Unit

Lozano Schindhelm COVID-19-Unit

Many legal questions arise in relation to the current events surrounding the outbreak and spread of the corona virus. Here you will find our newsletter with the most important legal measures adopted by the Spanish Government: Newsletter COVID-19

We have also created a Lozano Schindhelm COVID-19-Unit consisting of our experts on the most affected legal areas. We will support you in all legal issues arising from the current and future restrictions on business life and your business operations.

Labour law

As an employer, the following legal questions in particular result in connection with the spread of the corona virus:

  • How can I apply for short-time work or suspension of employment contracts (ERTE)?
  • As an employer, which precautionary measures do I have to take?
  • Do I have to grant my employees home office in case of fear of infection?
  • What is he situation regarding remuneration in the event of quarantine ordered by the authorities?
  • As a self-employed person, do I have to pay my social security contributions as usual?


Corporate and insolvency law

The spread of the corona virus raises numerous questions in the field of corporate and insolvency law:

  • Can meetings of the administrative body be held via video conference?
  • Can the meeting of shareholders be held via video conference or in writing procedure?
  • Do the financial statements have to be prepared, audited and approved within the legally prescribed periods?
  • What should be done in case a dissolution cause arises?
  • Can or must an insolvency petition be filed during the state of alarm?



In connection with the spread of the corona virus, the following legal questions regarding litigation arise:

  • What about deadlines in ongoing legal proceedings?
  • Are hearings and trails taking place? If so, which ones?
  • Can trails be initiated?
  • Are limitation and lapse periods of actions and rights suspended?
  • How does the corona virus pandemic influence current arbitration proceedings?


Tax law

Companies and citizens face significant difficulties in complying with their tax obligations, which raises a whole series of questions:

  • Do all the tax declarations have to be submitted within the statutory deadlines?
  • In particular, must the advance VAT declaration and further declarations for the first quarter of 2020 be submitted by 20 April?
  • Is there any simplification regarding the obligation to provide tax-relevant information immediately (SII)?
  • Can the payment of tax rates be deferred or postponed?
  • What about ongoing tax proceedings?


Data protection

The measures to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic require companies to process sensitive personal data:

  • But to what extend is this permissible? Or is it even mandatory?
  • May or must this data be passed on to authorities or group companies?
  • Who in the company is allowed to process this data?
  • Does this data processing have to be specially documented within the company?
  • How can you implement the legal data security measures in the case of home office?


Due to intensive preparatory measures during the last few weeks, we have ensured that the operation of our law firm Lozano Schindhelm can be guaranteed in the interest of our clients.

Our experts are available to answer these and other legal questions.