Working from home from Spain: Legal and tax basics.

The corona pandemic has accelerated the trend towards working from home, the digitalisation of the work environment is advancing. In this process, Spain has become more attractive due to its excellent quality of life, which is why many are toying with the idea of relocating to warmer climes without giving up their jobs or activity.

Those who play with this idea have to take into account various legal and tax aspects that the transfer of residence and the (work) activity from home in Spain entail:

  • Administrative steps: What formalities need to be handled? Do I need a residence or work permit? What applies to non-EU citizens?
  • Tax law basics: When is a natural person liable to tax in Spain (in terms of Income and Wealth Tax? Must the tax form 720 be submitted? What taxes are due? What obligations apply to self-employed persons or freelancers?
  • Labour law aspects: Which law applies to working from home in Spain? What applies to social security and what to health insurance?
  • Commercial law considerations: Is it advantageous to set up a company? What possibilities are there?

The essential legal and tax regulations can be found in our information brochure.

Autor: Moritz Tauschwitz
Autor: Luis Bravo