Private individuals

If you live in Spain, have assets or property in Spain and wish to transfer them to your heirs, we are just the right contact for you. We analyse together with you the most favourable and safest way of transfer in your specific case: whether still in life or on the basis of a concrete designing of your will. So that you do not have to worry about the future of your assets and property.

Our law firm is specialised in advising and carrying out foreign inheritances in Spain –especially with reference to German, Austrian and Swiss cases.

We advise you in legal and tax matters when inheriting or leaving Spanish Real Estate and other property or assets to your successors. Since decades we deal with inheritances in an easy and efficient way as well as optimizing the tax burden, keeping it as low as possible.

We offer you among others the following services:

  • Legal and tax consulting with regard to gifts and other lifetime transfers
  • Legal and tax processing of inheritances in Spain and worldwide, especially in German-speaking Europe: Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Enforcement of your claims to an inheritance, if necessary on trial.
  • Formulation of wills (also joint wills and so-called ”Berlin Testaments”) and inheritance agreements
  • Formulation of living wills and power of provisions
  • Tax optimised Estate planning and transaction of business
  • Establishment and transfer of family business in order to keep Spanish Real Estate
  • Execution of a will
  • Formulation of inheritance and statutory part waivers
  • Disputes involving communities of heirs
  • Statutory part law
  • Appeal against last wills or testaments
  • Certificate of inheritance (probate) proceedings
  • Correspondence with banking institutions and insurance companies
  • Drawing up of reports and statements
  • Submission of estate, inheritance and gift tax return forms
  • Claim with regard to refunds of overpaid Spanish inheritance taxes